Dating Hating

Dating Hating
Dating Hating

Dating Hating

You know how it works, your date isn’t making you happy, either because she isn’t doing the right thing or he won’t stop doing the wrong thing.

You are beginning to wonder if he will ever change, and as you explain the problem to your friend, your friend asks you a stupid question…. “What did he say when you talked to him about it?”

Talk about it?!?!

The singles you date can not read your mind..

Of course you haven’t said anything to him; he should be sensitive (or is it psychic) enough to just know….besides, if you have to tell him…..he should “just know”…..
If you don’t (in a non-confrontational manner) let her know the truth, telling her what you want, you have no one but yourself to blame for the situation.

He may (or may not) be willing to make the changes you want. That is his choice, but he have a right to know what you want.

You may discover she is not only perfectly willing to cooperate, she might have been investing a lot of time and effort doing what she mistakenly believed was pleasing you. Now she can start investing that time and effort into something that really pleases you – this is good!