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Difference between friendship and love

Have you ever briefly dated someone and both decided you would be better off as friends?

Strange how it happens, how your relationship with someone can become more valuable and fun once the pressure of trying to work out what the other person is thinking is off.

We think friendships are as important a part of the GDC experience as relationships. GDC is about meeting new people and some of those people will be better suited to you as a friend and that makes us as happy as you finding a partner.

From what you tell us, it makes perfect sense. Considering the top five most desirable qualities in a potential partner for men and for women are:


Sense of humour



Sexual chemistry

It’s obvious that if you meet someone who fulfills the first four criteria, you would want that person as part of your life. Unexpectedly GDC is helping many people get together in more ways than one.

We think online dating is most rewarding when it’s treated as a way of meeting new people. People you are attracted to or people you might simply be a little intrigued by. It doesn’t matter, new people means new opportunities, romantic or otherwise.

It’s common for people to be friends with ex’s and 32% of our members say that they have a friendship with an ex, the step by step nature of online dating allows you to find friends of the opposite sex even more easily, often without the mistakes and the alcohol. Without the dreaded ‘ex’ part.

Our female members have been particularly good at exploring the different outcomes possible using online, we spoke to a number of women who have used RSVP not only as a way of meeting the right person but to find other women in the same situation as them either professionally or personally.

It’s become increasingly common for many women to search GDC for people to share their dating and life experiences with.

One woman had just come back after working in Asia for eight years and was keen to use the GDC experience to find single female friends who had also repatriated to the country and were online dating. Many women use GDC to interact with women online dating who had been through a divorce.

Other women have found that their existing friends who may already be in relationships don’t have any insight or understanding of online dating and conversations about it can be awkward or misinformed, which can sometimes be frustrating.

Online dating isn’t simply about romance; it’s about connecting with people in a way that has the advantage of being on your terms, on your time and as an addition to your social life. One of the biggest generalisations about online dating is that it somehow replaces your existing social life. It’s designed to be an addition, a different channel that complements your lifestyle.

Online is a form of dating that some people will never experience but those that do date online (some 25% of us) are keen to share their experiences with others and the best place to find those people is on GDC.

We’d love to hear your experiences of connecting with Australians using GDC. It helps us to ensure that we provide you with what you need to get the most out of your membership.

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