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How to find perfect match for marriage?

how to find perfect match for marriage?

In the recent time we see there are empty marriages, amiable marriages, and right-half marriages, like the one they enjoy.

Empty marriages are described as clearly wrong. These are the marriages with alcoholics, drug addicts, cheaters, abusers, and controllers involved. The not-suitable relationships we never want.

Singles can find their other half according to,

A person will not cheat on you or abuse you if they love you. If they do these things or suffer from addictions, you should leave immediately. Don’t worry about the children. The only thing the children are receiving here is a bad education about the meaning of love and marriage.
Amiable marriages are those that are OK. Many of them have lots of happy moments. They don’t have cheating, addictions, or abuse. Instead they have compromises. The amiable partners just don’t know what love is.

However, these are not right-half marriages. And if they are not right-half marriages, they are wrong because as , “Marriage is not a cure for loneliness. People who are married, but not to their other half, still feel alone.”

Many People also recommend leaving an amiable marriage to find a right-half marriage. They opine that no one should stay in an amiable or empty marriage, not for the sake of their children, their church, or their family’s wishes.

Most people feel everyone deserves the love and acceptance that is found in a right-half marriage. But how do you know you have found your other half?

You’re describing your love and you say, “He’s wonderful. He’s charming, considerate; he gives me everything I want. I love him so much but…”

Or you say, “We are really right for each other. She’s beautiful; she’s sweet; she’s everything a woman should be. In fact, every little thing is perfect but…”

Whenever the word “but” emerges, you know you have not found your right half. It doesn’t mean the person you have met is a bad person; it just means they are not your other half.

“The test is so simple, yet it always seems to work. A ‘but’ in the relationship means you are with the wrong one. Accepting the ‘buts’ is like ignoring the tiny crack in your windshield, in time the crack spreads and spreads and spreads. But BANG, wrong.”

Most people not only recommend divorce to end an empty or amiable relationships, rather than trying to “fix it,” they also recommend not ever marrying again until you discover your other half, until you have found someone that does not conjure up the word, “but” when you describe or think about him/her.

“It is never too late, never too late to have love, to be fulfilled, to be happy. It’s never too late to live. It is never too late to declare your independence. It is never too late to live. It’s your life. It’s your pool. It’s never too late.

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