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Male vs Female communication in relationships

Male vs Female communication in relationships

When women meet, they talk about their feelings and relationships, their work, and their family. They enjoy talking but also want the give and take of talk, then listen.

Women often call each other to keep up to date. Conversing is an important part of most females’ lives.

When men get together, they rarely, if ever, talk about their feelings or inner thoughts.
Always, they talk about practical matters, like their latest computer update, how to repair their car, or even business.

Talk might move to the best place to find fish or women, jump to computer games, then continue to the Cowboys or the sport of the season.

They also like to exchange jokes and anecdotes and spend a fair amount of time playing one-up and boasting.

Men rarely call each other to chat and be brought up to date.

When man meets woman, he usually wants to make a good impression. Many single men try hard to carry on witty, fun, and pleasant conversations. They use conversation to discover her interests and feelings in order to learn how to be attractive to her.
Some men, either out of nervousness or ignorance, spend most of the time talking about themselves, often appearing to brag about their achievements or talk incessantly about their problems or work. But regardless of the subject matter, even the quietest man talks to his woman when love is new.

As relationships progress, however, many a man turns on the television and forgets how to converse. This raises a hue and cry from his female partner who says, “You never talk to me anymore.”

Some men start talking. Many, however, primarily discuss their own achievements and problems or even revert to their male buddy kind of talk.

When the woman starts talking about her favorite subjects: feelings, family, relationships, friends, her work, many men lose interest or bring the conversation back to themselves.

Pretty soon, the man is back to staring at the television each night, wondering where his relationship went, or too dense to know it is dying. The woman is talking to her friends, mom, sister, or neighbor, often about that very relationship and how she is hurting.

Where is your relationship?

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