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Signs of loneliness

Signs of loneliness

Being lonely is described as universal, even among married people. When you are single, however, you often think that one is the loneliest

Singles suffer from two forms of loneliness:

Emotional Loneliness
Social Loneliness

  1. Emotional Loneliness

Emotional loneliness comes due to the absence of a close emotional relationship. Even the most socially active person can suffer from this type of loneliness when his or her social network is comprised of superficial acquaintances. People who are describing this type of loneliness speak of feelings of anxiety and emptiness.

Those superficial acquaintances that can cure social loneliness won’t touch the emotional variety. That explains why people can party for weeks and still feel lonely.

Although even one close relationship can cure emotional loneliness for many, that close relationship is much harder to build than a social network.

  1. Social Loneliness

Social loneliness is due to from an absence of a social network. One close relationship can cure emotional loneliness. But one close confidant can’t protect you from social loneliness when you have no other friends or acquaintances.

People who are describing social loneliness refer to feelings of boredom, restlessness, and feeling left out.

Everyone needs people for “hanging out.” People with an active social life rarely suffer social loneliness. Others, for various reasons such as being shy, a workaholic, or new to an area, do not have a social network in place.

Don’t depend on your married friends to cure your social loneliness. Your married friends will probably drift away, adding to your loneliness, rather than dampening those feelings.

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