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Top reasons couples break up

Top reasons couples break ups.

Are you attracting the same type of individual and winding up unhappy in each relationship?

It could be time to take inventory of the qualities you really want in a mate and make some changes. Why not consider setting goals and a vision for the type of mate you want instead of using the hit and miss method?

Goal setting has been promoted by motivational speakers for years. The one common ingredient they all suggest is writing down the goals on paper.

Some singles are listing the qualities they want in a mate, then looking to find those traits rather than using old hit-and-miss methods.

This principle can easily be applied to obtaining the kind of person you really want in order to develop a long-term relationship.
First, develop a list of ten qualities you would like to see in your mate. This is a great self-realization exercise that may provide some surprises.

You may learn that physical traits appear to dominate your list, or that the ability to communicate is more important than looks.

Some individuals find that financial security is a major concern, yet others find an athletic life style is more important.

Whatever your desires, it is important to be honest with yourself and put the qualities on your list that are important to you. Put them on the list even if they appear to be considered superficial by some people’s standards.

If you try to meet everybody’s idea of your perfect mate, you may never be happy! What you want should be the rule.

Once you have your list, write or type them on attractive paper and place it somewhere you can read it every day.

Some individuals have their list laminated and stuck to the shower wall. Every morning or evening during their shower, they read their vision of the type of person they want in their life.

Also, refer to your list when you formulate an advertisement for a singles’ magazine.

When you write something down and read it daily, you will be surprised to see how you gravitate toward that subject. In this case, you may begin attracting people who possess the qualities you are seeking.

The business world knows this subject very well. Most major companies have a Mission Statement with a long term vision for the expansion of the company.

Why not apply that principle to your life?
Who will you be with next year?
What traits would you like to see in your future mate?
What action steps are you taking to get those goals and desire?
There are many individuals out there who possess some of the qualities you like and who would love to develop a long term loving relationship with you. You may not find someone who meets all of the qualities on your list, however this is an excellent start toward finding an individual you can love and be content with.

Above all, be persistent and never give up on your dreams.

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