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Why is my baby crying so much

Why is my baby crying so much

No amount of attention or loving can stop babies from ever crying.

Some babies appear that they will never quit crying.

Others rarely cry and then only for short periods.

Here are a few remedies you can try for crying. Although every baby will respond in a different manner, keep trying alternatives. You will find something–maybe just about the time he outgrows it!

Respond to your baby’s crying. It is the only way she has to communicate. If you don’t respond when baby cries, babies can feel powerless and worthless, thinking no one comes when she cries. This will eventually reduce crying although it may not seem to be working at the time.

Wear your baby. Some societies carry their baby papoose-style. there is very little prolonged crying or fussing in these societies. Try to wear your baby in a carrier three or four hours a day. You baby will enjoy the closeness and you will be better tuned to your baby’s needs.

Babies who are left to cry for long periods of time sometimes learn to cry just for the sake of crying. Eventually, they may get so upset it is hard to calm them when you do respond. They don’t remember why they cried in the first place.

Extra bonus: Babies whose caretakers respond to crying as infants are actually found to cry less as toddlers.

Don’t worry about spoiling a newborn. You can’t. In fact, babies who do not have their needs responded to are more likely to be clingy, dependent and demanding as older babies and toddlers.

Just try to respond to needs promptly most of the time. Then be assured it will not hurt your baby to cry for a short period of time upon occasion.

Babies cry for good reasons. Some of those reasons are:

Being naked
Wet or soiled diapers
Being hot, cold, or having some pain
You start by checking the obvious:

Does his diaper need changing?
Does she need to be swaddled?
Is the temperature uncomfortable
Does she have fever?
Is he just plain bored?
Some babies like sameness and ritual. If you use one method to comfort him most of the time, use that method first when he cries again. If that doesn’t work, try something else, of course, but use “tried and true” before changing your procedures.

And sometimes, all you can do is hold your baby and wait for the crying to end.

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